Leather Types

We use two different types of leather in our saddles - WaterShed and TruLeather.  The finished top surface of WaterShed leather will repel moisture, TruLeather has no water resistant qualities and must be waterproofed.

All saddles come from our factory waterproofed on the bottom with our Saddle Sauce.  We recommend anyone living in a humid climate (FL, GA, NC, SC, AL) apply Saddle Sauce to the raw edges of all our saddles and to the top of any TruLeather saddle.  Waterproofing is essential before riding in any kind of wet weather.  Never use any waterproofing product that contains silicone or solvents nor Brooks Proofide, as it's purpose is to soften the leather.  Beeswax products are fine.

Leather cannot get soaking wet.  It will lose it's form and stretch out.  Be sure to take along a rain cover or grocery bag to keep your saddle dry in a downpour.  And remember, water typically comes up from the road off your tires during a rainstorm.

In our store we've designated:

  • WaterShed as WS
  • TruLeather as TL

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