Carbon Saddle Update Sept 2016

To date we've shipped about 300 carbon saddles.  The initial responses from riders---

90% - I love this saddle.  It's just firm enough and I am comfortable over long distances.  I have found the leather saddle a bit too forgiving. This carbon saddle gives me more power when I ride.

8% - I like this saddle, but it's not forgiving enough for me.

2% - I can't fit this saddle onto my rails, I don't want it.

Because these saddles are so expensive and time consuming to make, we did significant lab testing, but limited road testing.  With the 300 saddles we have out, initial feedback is helping us to improve it already -- we've already strengthened the tops.  If you're still waiting for your saddle to ship - rejoice - your product will be improved over the initial shipments.

It takes us 3 weeks to make 100 saddles.  The next shipment dates are the weeks of Sept 19, Oct 3, Oct 31.

Like all Selle Anatomica products, the carbon saddle carries our full 12 month warranty.

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