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Our Saddles

R2 Series

R2 is the newest and most affordable saddle from Selle Anatomica featuring a weatherproof rubber top paired with our next generation modular frame. The unique tensionable rubber top is a first for the cycling industry.
  • Waterproof: Worry free riding even in wet conditions 
  • Riding Surface: Tensionable Vulcanized EPDM Rubber 
  • Top Frame: Cast aluminum
  • Rails: Stainless steel tubular rails 
  • Weight: ~420 grams
  • Weight Limit: Ideal for riders up to 200 pounds
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X Series is by far our most popular saddle. If you’re unsure which saddle to buy, don’t be. This is it. Unmatched comfort is found in our WaterShed leather, reinforced with our patented laminate design.
  • Riding Surface: Full Grain leather top with dual reinforcing laminate layers 
  • Frame: Cast aluminum 
  • Rails: Stainless steel tubular rails 
  • Weight: ~420 grams 
  • Weight Limit: 190 pounds
$161.49 W/COUPON


H2 offers the firmest leather saddle from Selle Anatomica paired with our next generation modular frame with Chicago screws. The unique process used to prepare the leather in H Series creates a stiffer, more durable saddle. They are ideal for touring and long distance riding and for cyclists who prefer a stiffer riding platform, such as those coming from Brooks.
  • Riding Surface: Full Grain leather top with dual reinforcing laminate layers
  • Frame: Cast aluminum
  • Rails: Stainless steel tubular rails
  • Weight: ~420 grams
  • Weight Limit: 250 pounds
$161.49 W/COUPON


Our Satisfied Customer Feedback

I rode for 3 hours on my bran new seat. It was so comfortable! It replaced an expensive seat that had been very painful before I had peddled for an hour. What a pleasure to experience this difference.

Louise W.

Selle Anatomica Customer

I have used this seat for 2 years. When I got another bike I knew I had to get a second. I did the Colorado train, over 500 miles, and loved this seat more with every mile.

Brendon C.

Selle Anatomica Customer

Many people looking at my saddle think it’s uncomfortable because it’s not padded. I tell them just the opposite - it’s really comfortable and was from the 1st ride - padding in a seat is not required for good ergonomics!

Diane H.

Selle Anatomica Customer

From the first ride this saddle was(and is) fantastic! Now about 300 miles later it is still the most comfortable saddle I’ve ridden. I’ve tried at least 6 different saddles prior to the Selle Anatomica H2; from the saddle that came on the bike all the way to a “3D printed” saddle that was twice as expensive as the H2. Riding, an H2, is believing!

Adam S.

Selle Anatomica Customer