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Memorial Day and A Family History

When I think of Memorial Day, more or less, this image is what I think of. A black and white picture of a young man wearing a new uniform. A young man, no longer with us. 

But what about this? How often do we think of this man? The father. The husband. When we lose a service member, we lose so much more than just a servant of our country. 

This man was my grandfather. He was a Navy pilot in World War II and I never knew him. After the war, he came home and flew planes for GM. He died at 44 of a heart attack a week before Christmas. No, he didn’t die in combat, but he was taken too soon.  He had 4 children and his youngest was six. His oldest boy, Tommy, founded Selle Anatomica. Tommy's sister Carol, my mom, is now the owner.

The loss had a profound impact on the history of my family that can never be fully known. When we celebrate these men and women this Memorial Day, I guess what I’m suggesting is that we not only celebrate the contributions and sacrifices they made for their country, but also take a moment to consider the impact that the loss had on everyone that depended on them. The histories of so many families have changed in the name of freedom. 

Memorial Day is a family day. We’re a family business and we deeply value the time we get to spend together. Hopefully you’re planning to spend some time with your family this Monday. Maybe you want to take them with you on a bike ride. 

-Ryan Milton Hosmer