Fourth of July

We like to think of ourselves as the American brand. And there’s nothing more American than the Fourth of July. To celebrate, we’ve got something else uniquely American. New Stuff.

This 4th of July we’re happy to reintroduce two colors you’ve been begging for. Red and White.

We’ve also got some uniquely American socks to go along with them. SockGuy SGX Custom Socks from Selle Anatomica complete with our American Flag logo. 

So this weekend while you’re standing in front of your barbecue, sipping on a cold one and soaking up the sunshine, watching the kids run through the sprinklers in the grass, take a moment to support American business. 

Nothing would make us happier than to sell out of these puppies this weekend. You know why? Yeah it’s good for our small business bottom line and we get to keep putting food on the table. But more importantly, after we’re done shipping them out to you for free on Monday morning, we’re going to turn right around and place another order with our American suppliers. That’s SockGuy right up the road from us here in San Diego and that’s the factory making our saddles in Wisconsin.

These saddles touch the lives of more people than you realize on their way to you and over the years that number has grown. We think that’s pretty cool. Thanks for your support. 

Happy Fourth.