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When Cycling Comfort Is Your Concern, You Need a Leather Bicycle Saddle

As a serious cyclist, you’ve probably spent countless hours trying to find just the right equipment for your bike. Attaining the right feel can take a lot of hard work. What works for one cyclist won’t necessarily be the best fit for another. But whether you want to go pro or simply want to pursue your passion, your number one priority will likely be to reduce (or even eliminate) perineal pain. While the clothes you wear and the angle of your saddle may play a part, the root of the issue lies in the saddle you choose.

You Deserve To Be Comfortable At All Times. The Solution: Leather Bike Saddles.

Our leather bike seats are an industry favorite for a reason. Unlike any other leather saddle on the market, Selle Anatomica’s leather bike seats are hot-molded dry. This makes them far superior to wet, cold-molded techniques, which produce a hard, non-pliable product. Instead of having to deal with the pain until the saddle is broken in, cyclists will experience instant relief and can benefit from what will feel like a tailor-made saddle. 

Not only do our saddles easily adapt to your body, but they also feature our patented Flex-Fly slot for even greater sit bone comfort. No other brand of saddle uses this type of technology. That means our products provide a uniquely pleasant experience for long-distance tours and quick neighborhood rides alike.

From our more traditional leather bike seat, the NSX, to our newer models built for distance, the X1 and X2, there’s a saddle that will appeal to your needs and (most importantly, in our opinion) relieve your perineal pain. At Selle Anatomica, we’d be more than happy to help you find the right saddle for you. To find out more about our products and how they can help you achieve a pain-free ride, get in touch with us today.

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