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What You Will Get as an Influencer
Welcome to Selle Anatomica, the home of the most comfortable bike leather saddles on the market! If you're passionate about cycling and want to share the joy of riding with your followers, then becoming a Brand Ambassador is the perfect opportunity for you. As an ambassador, you'll enjoy exclusive perks, including a commission on sales, an exclusive affiliate link, and access to our amazing merchandise. Join us in spreading the comfort and style of Selle Anatomica saddles far and wide!
Comission on Sales
As a Brand Ambassador, you'll have the chance to earn a commission on every sale made through your unique affiliate link. Whether you're a seasoned influencer or just starting out, this is an excellent way to monetize your passion for cycling and generate income while doing what you love.
Exclusive Affiliate Link
You'll receive your own exclusive affiliate link to share with your followers. This link will be personalized to track your sales and ensure you receive proper credit for each purchase. It's a simple and effective way to start earning commission right away and let your followers experience the comfort of Selle Anatomica saddles.
Exclusive Merchandise
As a valued Brand Ambassador, you'll gain access to our exclusive range of merchandise. From stylish squeezers and t-shirts to hats and more, you'll have the chance to showcase your support for Selle Anatomica in style. Stand out from the crowd and represent the most comfortable saddle brand around with our premium merchandise.
About the Brand
At Selle Anatomica, we're committed to creating the ultimate riding experience. Our saddles are meticulously designed with patented technology, ensuring unrivaled comfort and support on every ride. Here are three key benefits that set us apart:
  • Unmatched Comfort

  • Premium Quality

  • Beautiful Design

What Our Customers Say?
I have used this seat for 2 years. When I got another bike I knew I had to get a second. I did the Colorado train, over 500 miles, and loved this seat more with every mile.

Stephen S.

SA Customer

Many people looking at my saddle think it’s uncomfortable because it’s not padded. I tell them just the opposite - it’s really comfortable and was from the 1st ride - padding in a seat is not required for good ergonomics!

Diane H

SA Customer

I’ve got Selle Anatomica saddles on all of my bikes (3) and on my wife’s bikes(2). The comfort and style is exactly what I want and suits any riding from sporty road, loaded touring, or off road.

Michael K

SA Customer

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