February 10, 2017


C Series Review

Carol THANK YOU! The Saddles came in time :) I tried the C series and that is a KEEPER!!! While I probably won't ride it in ultra events because i have a nice new X series for 5+ hr. The C series is super nice and is going to fit in to my short track racing nicely. The only complaint I ever had with your co. was that there was not a "sporty light" saddle and the C series covers that perfect. I would like to request 1 thing. The Saddle has oval carbon rails, while this is common many people maybe unaware that they will need a carbon specific seat post/mast. If this could be added tot he webpage for the C series it would be nice.... maybe3 even suggest some compatible seat post... or maybe a set up where you can chose saddle only or saddle w/ seat post? Anyways again thank you so very much. Excellent design, workmanship and customer service...and made in America doesn't get much better than that! Take care see ya in a year when I need another saddle.

DJ Wright

Canandaigua, NY

December 29, 2016


My saddle

Hi Selle Anatomica team,
As a former racer and with 45 years of cycling behind me, I initially was quite reluctant to try a massive-heavyweight leather saddle. One pound when normality sits around 200 grams, that a big gap! Anyway, I gave it a try for my indoor trainer bike. Two reasons for that, the first one is due to the non-consequence of the additional 300 grams on your performance when you are stationary, and the second one is that there is no position like 1:30' or 2 hours on a trainer for your butt. Always in the same position and no free wheeling are painful for your butt... but the miracle happened!
I have never experienced any saddle as comfortable as the SA, more over, out of the box! I received it this week and I have endured two sessions of 1:30 and 1:45' on the trainer with absolute comfort. First time in my life. Now, If the C series offers the same (or almost the same) comfort, I think that I am going to order one of those for my sub-7 road bike. Congrats guys, you have done an amazing job on what is the most important frustration of any long distance cyclist.
December 20, 2016


SA Down Under!

I am a customer and user of Sella Anatomica saddles for around five years now and have to say that it is the only saddle that for me is truly comfortable.
I'm not a big guy at 65 kg/ 143lb but no other saddle has allowed me to ride for so far or so long into the day ( longest single ride 385k/ about 240 miles) and get back on the bike the next day like I had not ridden the day before.
I decided to build a very light weight bike for climbing ( Bianchi Speciallissima frame) so that these old 72 year legs could still get up the big babies in France and Italy.
For this I chose a SA Carbon saddle but fortunately it did not arrive to me in Australia in time so I used the standard SA T saddle and had a very comfortable experience if not quite the lightest. Yes with my daughter we climbed Stelvio, Mortirolo, Gavia, Galibier, Madeleine, Alp d'Huez and more.
On arriving home the C saddle was waiting however there were some issues with fitting it to my seat post, just would not clamp up with out some vertical movement. Of course I informed carol at SA and this morning have had an email saying that there had been some issues with the seat rails and some seat post but a new saddle was on its way with remodeled rails that will fix the problem.
Thank you SA and the team for your service and I hope to report success once the new saddle is fitted and tested.
Westly: Melbourne, Australia.
September 28, 2016


Squeaking wasn't your saddle after all!


Thanks for your offer to give the saddle a “tune-up”.  However, I feel I must decline and offer an explanation as to WHY.

I removed the saddle from the bike a couple of days ago, after trying grease, T-9 lube, loosening, tightening, prayer and also calling it every name I could think of.  I reached my limit!  I put on the old saddle (which kind of feels like riding on a marshmallow) and then took off for a quiet, squeak-free ride.  And it was… for the first couple of miles… and then the squeak came back.  Not quite as loudly as it was previously, but loud enough to both piss me off and to make me realize that I had falsely accused this saddle of a crime it didn’t commit.

It appears that what I thought was a creaking saddle was actually my SPD cleat grating against some part of the pedal.  A guy at a local bike shop listened to my description and then suggested a teflon based lubricant spray… and the 20 mile ride home was pedaled in blissful silence.

So I thank you for your offer of taking care of the saddle — it’s nice to see a company that will REALLY stand behind their product!  But apparently it’s not your product that was giving me all this grief for the past several months!

Now… can anyone explain how a pedal and clip combination can do a ventriloquist act that makes it sound like the squeaking is coming from the saddle instead of the pedal?  Because both my wife and I could have sworn that the sound was coming from the seat area — not from the pedal or crank!


April 26, 2016


Okay, so I really did make a good decision

to make the Metric Century my first real ride on the new saddle. I have been searching for the last 5 years to find a comfortable (read not painful) saddle. We (my wife and I) began cycling in 2011 for fitness as our knees wouldn't allow us to run anymore. As we began to ride we found so much enjoyment in it that we began to do longer and longer rides. It was at this point I began to experience saddle problems (my wife had none) and thus the search began. I found myself starting to avoid longer rides because of the saddle issue. A few months back after our local ride group's recovery ride I was explaining my saddle problems to a friend. He told me about how he had had similar problems 3 years earlier before he found this Selle Anatomica saddle. I was a little skeptical to say the least when he stated that the saddle was unbelievably comfortable....RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX! Well, he lent me his old saddle that I mounted on my trainer. After a few training sessions I was impressed enough to order an X series (oh yes, on closeout). I mounted it on my Roubaix last Friday night planning a test at an organized ride on Saturday. Well, as we departed the start line, I was unsure. At 2 hours, it was like I was on my couch. I kept expecting the pain to start. It never did. No pain, no chafing, nothing. 65 miles later, primo! Sold! Just ordered another one for my other bike. Awesome saddle! Thanks SA!


April 14, 2016

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Fan Mail

I am 68 and have purchased a number of saddles over the years. Of course all of them claimed to be comfortable. I tried the Sella Anatomica X series, and I remain amazed. I just ordered one for my wife's bike. I couldn't be more pleased.
April 01, 2016


Coach Darryl Fit of Selle Anatomica

Hi Darryl,

I rode 71 miles on the new saddle last Saturday and was sooooo comfortable.  I always thought that saddles for road bikes are just uncomfortable and that I needed to tough out the discomfort because that is just how it is.  With this leather Selle Anatomica, I now know that I can be comfortable over a long distance now.  

Thanks for your suggestion on the saddle.  What a difference it made for me.  I can't wait to continue to see how it works out over the really long rides.

Feel free to post this on your site as a review if you like.


March 29, 2016


NAHBS Feedback from Chad

I'm loving the saddle - took it out on a hilly 70 mile ride the day after we riveted it up at NAHBS, and it was immediately comfortable! I have a few hundred miles on it now and it is just super. Thanks for making a great product, and for bringing it to NAHBS.

I've been racking up miles to get ready for the California Eroica, mostly on my old Bianchi which now sports the Selle Anatomica. It's really comfy, I wish I had had it when I rode RAMROD last July!

March 25, 2016


Thanks John!


Installed the X-series today and rode 25km at the velodrome. It was like sitting on a feather pillow. After trying out several saddles and this one is definitely the most incredible I have ever used. Will put on a couple hundred km more over the next couple of weeks, then write a review on your site. Unless you think there is a better spot?

March 25, 2016



Just a note to tell you our appreciation for your great comfortable saddles. I have had mine on my bike for 3+ months with 1,000+ miles & this past Friday bought my wife one for her bike at the Sacramento bike show, and she is very happy with hers also, after going through at least 4 saddles of various makes it makes us both very happy to finally find a saddle that actually doesn’t offer pain after 30+ miles. We both will highly recommend to all our cycling friends here in Sonoma County.

JackH ?

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