Selle Anatomica

There are a number of options to repair saddles. Series 1 repairs typically require mail-in service with a few exceptions while Series 2 frames are designed to be modular and fully user-serviceable. Check out some of your repair options below. Please reach out if you aren't sure what you need or if you have any questions.

NewSkin - when your leather wears out or is stretched to the limit of the tension bolt and you want to re-use your old rails.

NewSkin (Leather) for Series 2 Frames

NewSkin (Leather) for Series 1 Frames

NewFrame - when your rails are bent or broken, but the leather is still good.

Series 2 Stainless Steel Rails

Series 1 NewFrame - Hardened Rails

Rivets - sometimes they pop out and we can re-rivet any saddle.

Order replacement Rivets

If you need a new Tension Slide, order it online and we'll send it to you with installation instructions. No need to send the saddle to us, you can do this.

Order replacement Tension Slide

Use this Repairs Form when you send us your saddle for repair.