World's Most Comfortable Leather Bicycle Saddles

You're the kind of person that likes to spend as much time on your bicycle as possible. You love to ride.
We believe a comfortable saddle helps you spend more hours doing what you love.
We make the world's most comfortable leather bike saddle.period.  

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We have a 30 Day Comfort Fit Guarantee. If you don't like it, return it.  30 day comfort fit guarantee seal

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What makes us special?

Two things. First of all, nobody makes leather saddles the way we do. Traditionally, leather saddles are soaked in water, cold-molded at room temperature to the proper shape, and then baked in an oven. This style of saddle making produces a very hard leather top that can take years to break in. Our saddles are hot-molded dry. No water. This produces a much more pliable leather top that conforms more quickly to your unique shape. Hot dry molding alone is an impressive innovation but we didn't stop there. Our patented Flex-Fly slot has inverted rear wings that allow your sit bones to push the leather out of the way as you ride. This technology which is unique to Selle Anatomica reduces perineal pressure, sit bone pain, and saddle sores.

Selle Anatomica Blog

How to Choose the Right Bicycle Saddle For Your Riding Needs

April 27, 2017

Whether you're a serious cyclist or you like to take your bike for a spin around your neighborhood in the summertime, there's no doubt that riding a bicycle is good for your health. Not only is it a fun workout, but studies have shown that when people cycled 20 miles per week, their risk of coronary heart disease decreased by 50%.   Although everyone can benefit from riding a bike, your equipment needs will differ depending on riding frequency, as well as your own physical features. Choosing your bike seat is one of the best ways to ensure comfort during a ride. But not all bicycle saddles are created equal; some are better suited for different situations. For instance, the...

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Carbon Saddle

April 18, 2017

Hi Carol Just wanted to follow up and say a massive THANK YOU! What a superb product, backed up by perfect customer service. I got out on my summer bike, with C-series installed of course, for the first time this spring. I had forgotten just how good this saddle is! It simply disappears underneath me. I've spend the winter on my other bike with my trusty B*00&s (which is well broken in and very comfortable), but quite honestly the C-series is even better. It is more comfortable; much, much lighter; and takes more road vibration/bumps out of the ride. Thanks for having the vision to create a superb saddle. Tailwinds! Duncan

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