What Makes Our Leather Special?

Nobody makes leather saddles the way we do. Traditionally, leather saddles are soaked in water, cold-molded at room temperature to the proper shape, and then baked in an oven. This style of saddle making produces a very hard leather top that can take years to break in. Our saddles are hot-molded dry. No water. This produces a much more pliable leather top that conforms more quickly to your unique shape. 

Watershed Leather

Part of Selle Anatomica's heritage of instantly comfortable leather saddles is our pioneering Full Grain American leather. Full Grain means it is the best. WaterShed leather is the gold standard of leather saddles for cyclists who want a comfortable ride right out of the box and now all of our leather is WaterShed. The chromium preservative left over from the tanning process acts as a hydrophobic repellent that also has the added benefit of softening the leather allowing it to easily mold to your shape. The Top Grain TruLeather laminate on the underside of WaterShed saddles is factory treated with Saddle Sauce for added protection. WaterShed saddles have a matte finish compared to the gloss of TruLeather.

Industry Leading Frame Rails

Our frame rails industry leading adjustability and setback to help attain maximum comfort. Strength and support provided by either by traditional style stamped metal frame that has been upgraded with heat treated 4130 chromoly steel in our Series 1 saddles or the new cast aluminum modular frame with stainless steel tube rails available on our Series 2 Saddles.