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How to Reduce Sitting Discomfort and Improve the Quality of Your Bike Rides

Whether you're new to bike riding, or if you've been riding your entire life, you have probably experienced some level of discomfort at some point. While there...

A Leather Saddle Will Allow You to Enjoy Your Cycling More

Cycling is fun, but it can get even better. In the US, only one-eighth of adult cyclists, which is roughly 3.4 million individuals, ride their bicycles frequently....

Make Your Bike Rides More Enjoyable with the Right Saddle

If you ride bikes a lot, you have probably noticed by now that there are several factors that can detract from a high-quality ride. Bad tires, a...

Expert Tips for Choosing the Best Bike Seat

Go for a leather road bike seat. Not only are leather bike saddles durable, but also very comfortable.

R New Babies

R2 Samples in. We love them. Material is on order.

Choosing the Right Bike Seat Has a Major Impact on the Quality of Your Rides

If you are looking for a leather bike saddle, a road bike saddle, a vintage bike seat, or any other types of comfortable bike seats, but you are just not sure how to get started or where to look, then do not hesitate to get in touch 
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