March 29, 2016

October 02, 2015

Carbon Saddle Debut at Interbike

SAN DIEGO, CA Sept 11th, 2015 - - Selle Anatomica, maker of the World's Most Comfortable Bicycle Saddle, is debuting its crowd-funded, all-carbon C Series saddle when the bell rings at Interbike next Wednesday, September 16th. The show opens at 9am, and the saddle will be presented in their booth 9156. 


Developed with input from long-time San Diego-based carbon cycling experts, aerospace legends, and a UCSD Professor of Structural Mechanics, the C Series is bringing state-of-the-art aerospace technology to one of the most critical touch points on the bicycle  - the saddle.

Made in USA

"We've been making the top-rated Leather Saddles with a focus on comfort for nearly a decade," states Ryan Hosmer, Vice President of Product Development. "Now we are taking what we've learned from those successful designs, and incorporating the latest in materials and unparalleled local knowledge that we have in the aerospace and composites industries. What we've ended up with is a 100% carbon saddle that will expand our comfort legacy into the performance market."

Leaf Spring Damping

The C-Series features a 3-layer Carbon-weave top that floats on a multi-ply leaf-spring, with unidirectional carbon rails that attach to the seat post of your choice. Weighing in at only 170 grams, the C-Series is changing the bicycle saddle game. It currently retails for $299, and it's made right here in San Diego.

"This is a very exciting time for us at Selle Anatomica," says Carol Hosmer, Owner and CEO. "We can't wait for you to see, touch and experience the next level in cycling saddle performance!"

Make sure to come by Booth 9156 first thing on Wednesday and be the first to see and try this remarkable development in saddle technology - the Selle Anatomica C Series.


C Series saddles can be purchased right now at  Shipping will commence in early 2016.  


Selle Anatomica was founded in 2006 by ultra-cyclist Tom Milton when he developed a supple leather saddle with a unique slot shape.  The combination of the more supple leather and the slot eliminated pressure on the sit bones and peroneal nerve, and allowed each side of the body to move independently while cycling. After passing away in 2010, Tom’s family took over the business.

Visit Selle Anatomica and follow Selle Anatomica on Facebook and Twitter.


April 08, 2015

Selle Anatomica Meets Crowdfunding Goal More Than 2 Full Weeks Early

SAN DIEGO, CA April 8th, 2015 -- Today Selle Anatomica announced that it had reached its Comfy Carbon Crowdfund Campaign goal of $30,000 more than two full weeks early. As of this writing, the project had accumulated 143 backers pledging more than $31,700.  

"We couldn't be more thrilled" said Ryan Hosmer, Director of Product Evolution. "The outcome of this crowdfund exceeded our wildest expectations. It's very gratifying to see people show their support with their dollars and put their faith in us."

In the coming days, Selle Anatomica will commence testing of their leather saddles at University of California San Diego's Department of Structural Engineering to begin the first step in defining an industry first comfort algorithm. From there, the data will be interpreted and translated into a carbon layup that mimics the feel of Selle Anatomica's world class leather saddles as closely as is technically possible. 

For more information please contact Ryan Hosmer at

March 23, 2015

Comfy Carbon Crowdfund

SAN DIEGO, CA March 23rd, 2015 -- Today Selle Anatomica announced its Comfy Carbon Crowdfund Campaign: a leaf spring damped carbon frame with carbon top and titanium rails. Yet-to-be-named, the new saddle is projected to weigh less than 200 grams, saving more than 300 grams from it's current leather saddle offerings.


Working with aerospace product development firms that make components for the highest level super-tech entrepreneurs, Selle Anatomica is creating the lightest, most comfortable bicycle saddle on the planet.


"The new saddle will feature a carbon-top designed from an industry-first comfort algorithm and our patented flex-fly slot" said Ryan Hosmer, Global Director of Retail Distribution. "It rests on a Titanium rail system embedded into a carbon leaf-spring that provides unseen levels of road-bump absorption. Each side of the saddle flexes independently with every pedal stroke the rider makes, providing significantly less resistance than traditional saddles."


Prototypes of the new design have been 3D printed, 5-Axis CNC-Machined, and custom-carbon-molded.
UCSD's composite engineering department is currently measuring the comfort properties of SA's
leather saddles, and the new carbon model will be tuned from the data of these tests to maximize the
design and performance for the cycling end user.


IBD's interested in ordering single or multiple saddles should contact Selle Anatomica's Sales Manager - Fred Gonzales at


While production models are not scheduled for delivery until January of 2016, you can be the first to get this amazing carbon saddle. Supporters of this project will get their saddles in time for Interbike (September 2015), and quite possibly much earlier.
January 21, 2015

World’s Most Comfortable Bicycle Saddles Announce a New Distribution Strategy

San Diego, CA January 21, 2015 -- Today Selle Anatomica announced a new distribution strategy for 2015. Effective February 1, 2015, saddles will be available for US wholesale to independent bike shops directly from Selle Anatomica as well as through Quality Bicycle Products. Additionally, Selle Anatomica saddles will be available for purchase to consumers through only 2 channels: and independent bike shops. Only resellers with a physical storefront presence will be allowed to sell the saddles. An updated MAP policy will prohibit advertising below MSRP and web only retailers will no longer be allowed to resell the saddles. 

“We believe that our customers deserve the best experience and support possible when purchasing our saddles. We think IBD’s and our own retail channel are the best ways to provide that experience” said Ryan Hosmer, Global Director of Retail Distribution.

“IBD’s are at the core of our business. When you invest in one of our products, you deserve the best support possible just as we want to support dealers who invest in us. You can’t get that through a third party discount website” added Fred Gonzales, Global Director of Wholesale Distribution. 

Questions should be directed to Ryan Hosmer at