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A Leather Saddle Will Allow You to Enjoy Your Cycling More

A Leather Saddle Will Allow You to Enjoy Your Cycling More

Cycling is fun, but it can get even better. In the US, only one-eighth of adult cyclists, which is roughly 3.4 million individuals, ride their bicycles frequently. One of the contributing factors to this worrying trend is that most people own an uncomfortable bike seat.

You might have already fallen victim to this, and this is the reason why you don't ride as much as you would wish. Have you ever had a bike seat that you had your inner thighs and butt ache after riding?

After such an experience, you definitely didn't go riding the next day, but this doesn't have to be the case for you. You can replace what's currently on your bike with a comfortable bike seat.

Benefits of having a comfortable bike seat

Here are the benefits you as a cyclist can expect from having a comfortable bike seat. You should know that a leather saddle is the most comfortable option you have when it comes to bike seats.

Better riding posture

If you install a comfortable seat on your bike, you can expect to have a better riding posture. This means that you can be able to ride your bike for longer.

In addition to this, having a better riding posture means that you can ride your bike without having to worry about backaches. A bike seat that's comfortable will better distribute your weight during riding, and thus you won't experience any backaches.

More forgiving to your butt and inner thighs

A leather saddle is more forgiving to your butt and inner thighs after long riding sessions than other seat options. As you ride, you will hit bumps and go over uneven surfaces that will send shocks through your bike. If your bike seat is not comfortable, then your butt and inner thighs will be on the receiving end of these shocks.

A leather saddle will allow you to ride your bicycle as often as you wish.

Encourage you to ride more

As you already know, having a bad seat for your bike is very discouraging. Every time you think about riding, you imagine the terrible things that will follow and give up. On the contrary, having a comfortable bike seat means that nothing is holding you back from riding it.

How to choose a comfortable bike seat

Now that you understand the benefits of having a comfortable bike seat, you should also know how to go about picking one that suits you. Here's how to do it:


What material is used to make the bike seat that you want to buy? As highlighted earlier, a leather saddle is the best option for your bike seat. The primary reason why a leather seat is more preferable is that it can better conform to the shape of your butt than other materials.

Moreover, leather as a material is more durable. It also has a certain appeal when it ages contrary to other materials that doesn't age well.

Your weight

How much you weigh is something you should consider when looking for a comfortable bike seat. If you weigh more than your bike's seat rating, you are likely to experience a harsher ride. Picking a bike seat that rated for your weight means that you will be more comfortable riding on it.

What will you be using your bike for?

Are you planning to use your bike to commute to work or are you a competitive cyclist? In either of the cases, you need a specific type of seat.

A bike seat for commuting to work or touring are meant to provide more comfort in an upright position. On the other, a competitive bike seat is more comfortable for speedy rides.

When choosing a comfortable bike seat, make sure that you settle for one that suits your cycling needs. If you are looking for more comfort, you should consider adding carbon rails on to the leather saddle.