Selle Anatomica


At 64 years of age, and an avid cyclist who prefers Century+ rides. Comfort and finishing the ride are my top priorities.

I have owned and put hundreds or thousands of miles on various well known saddles. I just put my new black Selle Anatomica X series saddle on my Cervelo RS and went out for a 50mi ride with 3000 feet of climbing.

This saddle is without question the most comfortable saddle, right out of the box, that I have ever ridden. After 50 miles there was no numbness, no pain or irritation, no problems!! The unique cutout and the ability to glide (instead of bunching up on most saddles) back or forward on the leather I am sure contributes to the comfort. There was also no loss of power climbing.

It's a beautiful saddle aesthetically, and anatomically. If any one is considering a new saddle for their Century rides this year, this is the only way to go!

Congratulations to you all,