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I am 68 and have purchased a number of saddles over the years. Of course all of them claimed to be comfortable. I tried the Sella Anatomica X series, and I remain amazed. I just ordered one for my wife's bike. I couldn't be more pleased.

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June 28, 2016

In 2010 I shipped my Trek 2500 to a bike shop in Seattle to get it ready for my ride from Hobuck Beach on the Pacific Coast in Washington to Bar Harbour Maine. I told the owner of the shop I had forgotten to bring my second saddle. I switched the saddles back and forth because of butt pain. He put a Sella Anatomica on my bike and told me if it was the most comfortable saddle I had ever used, to call him when I got to Bar Harbour and he would tell me the price. I rode the entire route on that saddle and it was the first saddle I had ever used that did not cause butt pain. So, when I got home I called the bike shop owner to find out the price of the saddle, which I happily sent him! My 5200 is a racing bike that I still use. I just got a new multipurpose bike and wanted to get a Sella Amatomica saddle for it. The dealer told me the Sealla Anatomica was no longer available and put a similar Scott saddle on the bike. I wish I had found out in time that I could have gotten a new Sella Anatomica – the only saddle I ever had that did not cause butt pain.

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