Okay, so I really did make a good decision

to make the Metric Century my first real ride on the new saddle. I have been searching for the last 5 years to find a comfortable (read not painful) saddle. We (my wife and I) began cycling in 2011 for fitness as our knees wouldn't allow us to run anymore. As we began to ride we found so much enjoyment in it that we began to do longer and longer rides. It was at this point I began to experience saddle problems (my wife had none) and thus the search began. I found myself starting to avoid longer rides because of the saddle issue. A few months back after our local ride group's recovery ride I was explaining my saddle problems to a friend. He told me about how he had had similar problems 3 years earlier before he found this Selle Anatomica saddle. I was a little skeptical to say the least when he stated that the saddle was unbelievably comfortable....RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX! Well, he lent me his old saddle that I mounted on my trainer. After a few training sessions I was impressed enough to order an X series (oh yes, on closeout). I mounted it on my Roubaix last Friday night planning a test at an organized ride on Saturday. Well, as we departed the start line, I was unsure. At 2 hours, it was like I was on my couch. I kept expecting the pain to start. It never did. No pain, no chafing, nothing. 65 miles later, primo! Sold! Just ordered another one for my other bike. Awesome saddle! Thanks SA!


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May 22, 2016

It is possible that the two are related. When the slot closes it is not as effective at its primary function of independent movement which is what makes it so comfortable in the first place. It is also possible that the numbness is due to the extra time in the saddle. Your shoulder injury could have also impacted posture having an effect on the way you sat and causing the numbness. How are you feeling a few days later?

James Dennis
James Dennis

May 17, 2016

I have used the Selle Anatomica X for over three years but had a significant problem yesterday. I was riding the Assault on Mt. Mitchell with an injured shoulder and ended up with record slow time but also two more hours in the saddle.

I think I may have let the saddle get a little “loose” and sort hammock hang down and close off the groin cut out?

Anyway, I am experiencing partial numbness down in that area 24 hours later. I do hope feeling returns!

This has never happened before. I wonder if little the saddle hang too loose could cause that?

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