3 Safety Tips For Cycling In Autumn

October 06, 2017 0 Comments

3 Safety Tips For Cycling In Autumn

Now that fall is here, your cycling tours will be filled with beautiful foliage. But with autumnal weather often comes additional safety concerns. Wet conditions and fewer daylight hours might keep you from taking full advantage of your bike, bike seat, and other equipment -- especially if you sustain an injury due to these circumstances. Around $81 million is spent on bicycling gear annually in the U.S., so you should do everything you can to protect it (and yourself) from unnecessary wear and tear. To that end, here are a few safety tips to ensure you can enjoy using your bike, saddle, and carbon saddle seat clamps throughout the season.

  • Be Seen: Most cyclists take care to invest in great equipment, including their carbon fiber bike saddles and carbon saddle seat clamps. But you'll be doing yourself a huge disservice if you forget to make yourself visible on the road. There are fewer hours of daylight during this time of year and generally more cloudy days. Therefore, reflective clothing is a must, as are bike lights. There are even removable and USB-chargeable lights to better suit your lifestyle or concerns about theft. As a cyclist, you're already more prone to accidents; when you go out for a ride, make sure motorists can see you clearly.

  • Take Note Of Leaves: Being immersed in the beauty of nature is often one of the best parts of cycling. But even though the changing leaves can be stunning, they can become a hazard when they fall and pile up. Even if the road itself is dry, these leaves may still be damp and slippery. Always scan the road ahead of you for leaf piles or scatterings. When riding over leaves, you should maintain a steady speed rather than accelerate. And if you need to make a turn over leaves, avoid braking and keep your posture upright. This can lessen the risk of a fall (bad pun not intended).

  • Stay Dry: Autumn weather can be wet as all get-out. Most cyclists will want to protect their gears, saddles, and carbon saddle seat clamps from moisture whenever possible. But if the forecast calls for a light drizzle and you're still determined to head out, you should be sure to wear protective rain gear. Rear and front fenders can also help keep you dry. When you're finished, make sure to dry off all equipment thoroughly to prevent debris buildup and rust. You can also find out more about how to properly clean your bike in our previous post.
  • Just because the temperatures have dropped doesn't mean you have to put away your bike for the year. This fall, don't miss out on the breathtaking sights of the season. By knowing what to expect and how to keep yourself safe during autumnal conditions, you'll be able to enjoy numerous bike rides before winter arrives.