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3 Ways To Prevent Broken Saddle Rails

In 2015, nearly $1.2 billion worth of used bicycles were sold to cycling enthusiasts around the world. But whether you have a bicycle that's gently used or brand new, you want to make sure all of the equipment functions the way it should. That way, you can get optimal use out of your bike and even prevent injury.

While it's important to have a comfortable bicycle saddle, you'll need to make sure your saddle rails are of superior quality, too. You can make sure they stay in great condition by following the three tips below.

How To Prevent Saddle Rail Repairs And Breaks

  • Ensure proper fit

When it comes to your cycling equipment, one size doesn't always fit all. Some seat clamps aren't made for certain rails, which causes them to line up incorrectly when they're installed. That added stress will undoubtedly cause your saddle rails to break. When you purchase your carbon saddle seat clamps, make sure you're getting the coordinating carbon saddle rails. When you install the seat, make sure the clamps hold the center of the rails for the best fit and minimum pressure while riding.

  • Don't overtighten

You'll want your saddle to be secure, but resist the urge to overtighten. Your instincts are probably a fair way to judge how tight you should go, but there are torque charts for saddle rails available on the Internet. Accurate torque measurements do require thread and bolt lubrication, so keep that in mind. Going too tight will cause undue stress to your clamps and carbon rails, so it's better to have to readjust a little later on than unknowingly cycle with a saddle that's too tight and have to replace this equipment earlier than expected.

  • Buy carbon saddle rails

The best way to prevent saddle rail breakage is to buy a higher quality product in the first place. There are rails made out of titanium and other alloys that have a hard time withstanding the general wear and tear that comes with cycling. Not only are carbon saddle rails stronger but are made to fit specific seat clamps. While this may seem like they're less versatile, it actually makes for a more secure fit that won't be as likely to break due to added pressure. Therefore, you won't have to pay more to replace your equipment early.


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