Selle Anatomica

The only saddle for me

My wife and I use these saddles exclusively, and keep spares ready (they don't last forever, but what saddle does?). We are roadies. We rode 18,000 miles the last 3 years on these saddles. 50 miles is no problem. If the saddle is not comfortable, you need to stop and adjust it. I am visiting the website today because my spare saddle that was on my backup bike is now on my #1 bike, so I need two new saddles. I am not saying that there are not other fine comfortable saddles out there, but I found mine and am not looking. I am 63 years old and ride pretty upright on a Pilot. Average 18 mph on good days. The friend that first told me about these saddles was riding at least a mile-century every other week. I have told other riders about the Selle Anatomica and have nothing but good feedback. Hope that helps.