Outperforms All Other Fancy Saddles

November 23, 2015 0 Comments

I am fairly new to cycling, it's always been love hate relationship because of perineal discomfort. Long distance riding 60+ miles a day is my only way to escape the Los Angeles hype, for me riding is my outlet. For years my limitation has been discomfort, even the best carbon bike can only do so much, when it comes to endurance riding. This is my first time using the Selle Anatomica brand after purchasing every other saddle on the market claiming to be the "comfort king". Typically i give the saddle 200 miles to break in and usually leads to a new saddle hunt for something better. Looks like my hunting is over... 50 miles with my Selle Anatomica X saddle and it has surpassed my expectations. The saddle didn't need much break in time it quickly conforms to your sit bones which only gets better with every mile conquered. For those looking for the answer this is it! It might not be the lightest saddle in the market but it's the best when it comes to comfort.