Selle Anatomica

Saddle Fit from Gene

Hi Carol,

More feedback.  I have about 250 miles in the new saddle now.  So far so good.  I did tension the saddle to a drop measurement of 7/16” cold and after a ride it measured 1/2” warm.  The next morning it was back to 7/16” and that has remained constant for the last three rides.  The adjusting bolt was almost at the end [touching] the seat frame and I have screwed it out 3/8” applying tension to the leather.  The only other adjustments I have made is to the tilt. Height and set back are as before.  Minor adjustments seem to make a big difference.  The best position for me so far has been a 2 degree up in the front measured with a digital level.  That is almost 3/8” up in the front.  I am still getting used to what I call the “saddle horn” like feel of having the front higher than the back having ridden for the past seven years on the Fizik Arion that was dead level.  Not bad, just different.

I still have a very slight feeling of wanting to slide forward but not enough to tip the front up to compensate.  My only thought was to tension the saddle to a 3/8” hammock measurement to “flatten” it out a bit which may ease the saddle horn and tendency to slide into the hammock.  What do you think?  The narrowest part of the slot is staying at 1/4” or a frog hair less.