Selle Anatomica

April R2 Update

SA Family,

We wanted to give you the latest on what is happening with the R2 saddles. We had received final samples that we approved 2 weeks ago that we liked and were ready to put into production. Unfortunately, when the rubber batch came in for production there were variances from the approved samples that have caused us to miss our promised ship date. We truly apologize for this. Although the hardness of the rubber was within spec, what was explained to us was when going from a “lab”, or sample batch, to production, variability can occur. The flexion of the production batch was higher than we anticipated. Meaning the modulus of elasticity was greater for you science folks out there. Bottom line, the saddles hammocked too much and they did not rebound like the approved samples. So we are in discussion with our supplier, who is running controlled experiments to fine tune the production method, to remedy this issue. It will get solved, and hopefully very soon. But in the meantime we know that you are all waiting anxiously. Some of you have been waiting since November and that is our fault. We are going upgrade all domestic shipping to 1-3 day transit time as soon as this issue is overcome. We truly appreciate the support of all our riders and just want to keep you informed of the issues that have delayed the release of our latest saddle. We still hold confidence that once this hurdle is overcome the R2 will provide the unmatched and well known comfort of the entire line of Selle Anatomica saddles.