Selle Anatomica

C Series Review

Carol THANK YOU! The Saddles came in time :) I tried the C series and that is a KEEPER!!! While I probably won't ride it in ultra events because i have a nice new X series for 5+ hr. The C series is super nice and is going to fit in to my short track racing nicely. The only complaint I ever had with your co. was that there was not a "sporty light" saddle and the C series covers that perfect. I would like to request 1 thing. The Saddle has oval carbon rails, while this is common many people maybe unaware that they will need a carbon specific seat post/mast. If this could be added tot he webpage for the C series it would be nice.... maybe3 even suggest some compatible seat post... or maybe a set up where you can chose saddle only or saddle w/ seat post? Anyways again thank you so very much. Excellent design, workmanship and customer service...and made in America doesn't get much better than that! Take care see ya in a year when I need another saddle.

DJ Wright

Canandaigua, NY