Selle Anatomica
Heat Treated Rails

Heat Treated Rails

Heat Treated 4130 Chromoly Steel

Selle Anatomica is known for many things - making the most comfortable bicycle saddle in the world, being the only American made leather saddle company, being family owned and operated, and having the most setback on our rails. That last bit has gotten us quite a bit of notoriety, both good and bad.

The thing is, when you offer a rail set with lots of setback, its awesome in that it allows for maximum adjustability and fit, but it also makes the rail more likely to bend when a rider places the saddle in an extreme setback position. Bending rails happen to every saddle company, including Selle Anatomica.

That said, we wanted to do something about the issue of bent rails. So, a few years ago we started testing a heat treated rail set on saddles that came back with bent rails under warranty. It worked perfectly. The heat treated rails did the trick and to date we have yet to hear of one bending under normal operating tolerances.

Starting in late 2017 (middle of December) we introduced heat treated 4130 chromoly steel rails across our entire line for all our Series 1 saddles. Meaning all of our X1, H1, NSX1, NSH1, T1 saddles use this new stronger rail set.

All our rails are quenched in oil and tempered to a RC 38-42 rating.