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Make Your Bicycle Commute More Comfortable

Bicycling is a great form of exercise, which is what makes it popular among commuters. In fact, there's been a 46% increase in the number of bicycling commuters across the U.S. since 2005.

Bicycling allows you to squeeze in a workout before and after work. This is particularly important for those with a more sedentary job. However, while bicycling may be great for your body it isn't always the most comfortable activity. The following tips will help you increase your bike's comfort during your morning and afternoon commute:

  • Use a C series bike seat. One of the biggest causes of discomfort among bike riders is the bike seat. It may seem like a good idea to save money by keeping the bike seat that comes with a bike, but these bike seats are often incredibly hard. They may cause pain when you're seated on it for long periods of time. A c series bike seat, on the other hand, uses carbon fiber for optimum comfort all ride long. The c series bike seat is specifically designed for long distance rides and won't leave you saddle-sore.
  • Check your handle height. Just as important as the seat you're sitting on is the position in which you're riding. The height of your handlebars, if not adjusted correctly to your height and left too low, can often cause back issues, particularly if your commute is longer. The awkward positioning of your body can also cause additional pain to your hamstrings and wrists because of increased pressure on the joints. Therefore, to save yourself the aches and pains, place spacers beneath the stem of your handlebars and adjust the height to where it should be.
  • Check your saddle angle. Another potential cause of pain may be the angle of your saddle. If the saddle fit is incorrect and you're riding for long periods of time, you may experience numbness in your thighs or buttocks because of increased pressure on that area of your body. Lower the nose of your bicycle saddle so your seat is straighter. This may alleviate some of the pressure applied to your buttocks while you ride and therefore reduce experiences of numbness.
Traveling to and from work should be as painless as possible. After all, if you're getting a workout during your commute, it should be a time of personal improvement, not pain! With any luck, these tips can help you reduce your discomfort and turn your commute into the enjoyable activity bicycling is meant to be.