Selle Anatomica

My saddle

Hi Selle Anatomica team,
As a former racer and with 45 years of cycling behind me, I initially was quite reluctant to try a massive-heavyweight leather saddle. One pound when normality sits around 200 grams, that a big gap! Anyway, I gave it a try for my indoor trainer bike. Two reasons for that, the first one is due to the non-consequence of the additional 300 grams on your performance when you are stationary, and the second one is that there is no position like 1:30' or 2 hours on a trainer for your butt. Always in the same position and no free wheeling are painful for your butt... but the miracle happened!
I have never experienced any saddle as comfortable as the SA, more over, out of the box! I received it this week and I have endured two sessions of 1:30 and 1:45' on the trainer with absolute comfort. First time in my life. Now, If the C series offers the same (or almost the same) comfort, I think that I am going to order one of those for my sub-7 road bike. Congrats guys, you have done an amazing job on what is the most important frustration of any long distance cyclist.