Brand Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Selle Anatomica! Below we have outlined all the information needed to represent our brand. If you are writing a gear review, blog post or any other promotional piece about Selle Anatomica please read our brand guidelines and download our press kit below. Our press kit contains design elements, logo, and images for you to use.

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Selle Anatomica (n.) : saddle • anatomical

Selle Anatomica is innovating and advocating for a more comfortable future. We believe in getting you up and moving and moving comfortably. We believe in quality through innovative design backed by practical and applied medical research. Never one to follow the passing trends, we engineer products that withstand the test of time. Family owned and run Selle Anatomica is creating a legacy of comfort for generations to come.

Colors & Fonts

Our color palette is adventurous and refined. Please use color sparingly.

  • BURLAP - #7E7C6F
  • SIENNA - #BD4C32

Work Sans

Our serif typeface Work Sans is used for headlines and body copy. This is our primary typeface and is used in most instances. The preferred weights are Regular and Semi-Bold.

Choosing Content for Social Media

When representing our brand in a public space our brand is guided by the following keywords: Adaptable, Dynamic, Self-Assured, Classic, Comfortable, Functional, Trustworthy. Our mission is to keep people moving, and as such we encourage our customers to show us their ride routes, maps, and unique bicycles set-ups.

Saddle Up

Selle Anatomica provides a wide breadth of products from affordable saddles for the first time cyclist, to cutting-edge composite saddles. Through medical research and innovation the brand is positioned to be esteemed and respected by serious cyclists, but with an approachable tone of voice that is still relatable to the average weekend rider. No matter if the saddle is affordable or expensive it’s so comfortable it disappears beneath the rider.

  • Anatomically Designed for Comfort
  • Soft Flexible Leather
  • Patented Flex-Fly Slot
  • Fits Your Body Geometry
  • Timeless & Versatile Design
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Interested in Representing Selle Anatomica?

Are you an active rider with a knack for the newest cycling gear? We're always open to working with the cycling community to participate in events, submit a product for a gear review, co-promote with ambassadors or influencers, or any other ideas you may have. Get in touch below!

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