Brown Leather Bike Saddles

Ever since bicycles were invented in the 19th century, the formation, style, and comfort of bicycles seats have remained important topics within the industry. Unfortunately, bike seats have not gotten the attention and awareness they deserve from consumers.

The average bicycle typically comes equipped with a cushioned plastic bike saddle. The plastic saddle may be comfortable for short trips for a limited time, but overall, they do not stand up to the quality of a brown leather bike saddle. Leather seats remain at the forefront for cyclists looking for saddles that’ll withstand the test of time, remain comfortable, and mold to their bodies.

Why You Should Choose a Selle Anatomica Leather Saddle

At Selle Anatomica, we give special attention to our uniquely developed brown leather bike seats. We use our own distinct molding process to perfect the art of saddle-making. Unlike the familiar and old-fashioned wet molding process, our hot and dry molding produces premium brown leather bicycle saddles that are durable and take considerably less time to break in. From day one, our leather saddles will provide a unique fit customized to you that will last throughout the saddle’s lifetime.

How We Make Our Brown Leather Bicycle Seats

To make a high-quality brown leather bike seat, we begin with first-rate leather. Most saddle-makers only use one layer of full-grain leather, but we’ve found that a combination of full-grain and top-grain leather provides the best balance between stiffness and flexibility. Full-grain leather is the full thickness of the hide, whereas top-grain leather is a thinner section that retains the tension and firmness of the hide. Although it may seem like two layers would make it harder to break in the saddle, our unique molding process allows the double layer to remain flexible enough to form to your shape quickly for a permanent fit.

How to Care for Your Brown Leather Bicycle Saddle

In order to remain in peak condition, our brown leather bike saddles need to be cared for consistently. Thanks to our premium brown leather tanning process, all our saddles feature a WaterShed finish that repels water. The only parts of the saddle that you’ll need to regularly waterproof are the exposed edges and the underside. Avoiding the use of Proofide, solvents, or other silicone-based products when waterproofing your saddle is essential, as they will over-soften the brown leather. Instead, use Saddle Sauce, which is available at Selle Anatomica, or beeswax as your go-to waterproofing product.