Selle Anatomica

In this how-to video, Andy explains how to properly install a tension slide or bolt on a leather bicycle seat from Selle Anatomica.

How To Install a Tension Slide or Bolt from Selle Anatomica on Vimeo.


Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Andy with Selle Anatomica, and today I’m going to show you how to replace your tension slide or bolt on your existing saddle.

So here we have the components of a saddle. We’ve got our frame, our tension slide, our bolt, and a gasket.

The tension slide has two sides to it. One side will have larger ears, and the other side will have smaller ears.

Steps To Install a New Tension Slide and Bolt

Step 1:
We’re going to take the side [of the tension slide] with the large ears and position it into the middle of the saddle.

Step 2:
And then slide it up to the front and lock into place, with the large ears facing the toward the back of the saddle.

Step 3:
We’ll then take our bolt, slide it through the tension slide, and place the gasket on the end.

Step 4:
Now this saddle [shown in video] isn’t riveted, but you would just position the nose piece over the bolt, slide it through, and then take your hex key and draw the bolt out to the proper tension.

And that’s it. Thanks for watching!