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Stuck on how to install your brand-new NewSkin on your Selle Anatomica Saddle? Not to worry, watch as Andy walks us through how to expertly install a NewSkin on X2.

How To Install NewSkin on X2 from Selle Anatomica on Vimeo.


Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Andy with Selle Anatomica, and today I’m going to show you how to put a NewSkin on your existing X2 saddle.

So what I have here is my existing X2 saddle, my NewSkin—that I want to put onto my X2, and the tool that I’m going to need to do the work. The tool is a two-and-a-half-millimeter hex key that I can get at any hardware store.

Saddle Disassembly

To disassemble the saddle, I’m going to start by removing each of the six Chicago screws that are in the back saddle, holding the seat form to the leather. To do that I just insert my hex key and turn lefty-loosie.

Okay. Now that I’ve removed all of the bolts, I can take the rail assembly away from the saddle—I’ll just set that aside here.

Next, I’m going to do the same thing I did with the seat assembly, but with the nose and remove the screws. So I’ll take the nose piece and set that aside as well. I have all my screws and hardware stuff [to the side]. Next, I’m going to pop the caps out of the old skin that I’m replacing—because we’re going to need to use them again—and set the old skin aside.

Saddle Reassembly with NewSkin

I’m going to take my new, red top here, and we’re going to make a saddle out of it.

I’m going to start by putting the Chicago screw caps back in—we have an etched cap here that we put in the front, but if you want to put it somewhere else, feel free to do that. I just press these guys into place.

And I’ll turn the saddle over, grab the nose piece, put it into position, and screw the [three] bolts back into the caps. After I have all three of the screwing cap assemblies together, I’m going to want to go through and—holding down the cap with my finger—make sure I give them a final turn to get them really torqued in there.

Next, I’m going to take the rail assembly that I’d set aside, and I’ll put the bolt through the nose—set it back down—and then position the seat form so that the cutouts are positioned over the holes. I’m going to do what I did with the nose—and—screw these bolts back into the caps.

All right, and here I’m just getting this last one in there. And I don’t tighten them all the way down the first time through, just kind of get them threaded. And then after they’re all in there, I’ll go through and make a final pass through to tighten them all down.

All right, and now we went from a black to a red X2.