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In this how-to video, Andy shows how to install a Carbon Rail Upgrade Kit on an X2 with existing stainless-steel rails.

How To Install X2 Carbon Rail Upgrade Kit on X2 from Selle Anatomica on Vimeo.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Andy with Selle Anatomica, and today I’m going to show you how to install your new Carbon Rail Upgrade Kit onto your existing X2 saddle.

So here I have our tubular stainless-steel rail that comes with the X2 [saddle] and our carbon rail upgrade kit. [The carbon upgrade will] save you about 50 grams in weight and adds an additional inch of setback.

Now I’ll show you how to install your new carbon rail upgrade. All you need is a two-and-a-half-millimeter hex key—which I can buy at any general-purpose hardware store.

I take the hex key, and I insert it into the Chicago screw bolt, and I go lefty-loosie. I’m holding the cap of the Chicago screw with my finger so that it doesn’t spin. I just removed the [first] bolt, and I’m going to do that again with the remaining five Chicago screws.

Okay—so—now I’ve got the last bolt out, and that’s going to allow me to separate the seat form from the leather. And I’ve got the whole rail assembly here. So all I need to do is take the bolt out, and get the tension slide—out of the way of the rail, and I can just squeeze and pull [the rail and the seat form] apart—it’s a tension fit.

I’ll set that—the original rail—aside and grab my carbon rail upgrade. And then, I just, squeeze and position the rails into the seat form. And then I’m going to put the tension slide back in.

Here we want to make sure that we—there are two sides to the tension slide. One side has large ears, the other side has smaller ears. When I fit the tension slide onto the rail, I make sure that the large ears go toward the middle. I can see here the large ears are in between the rails. Next, I just slide [the tension slide] up into place. I’m going to take my tension bolt, slide it through the tension slide, take the gasket, and put it on the front of the bolt.

Lastly, I take the leather top, slide the bolt through the nose, and simply reassemble the seat form to the leather by screwing the Chicago screws back in position.

That’s it—thanks for watching.