White Leather Bike Saddles

Since their creation, bicycle seats have not received the attention they deserve. This fact is startling, since bike seats provide comfort and safety for some of the most sensitive parts of our bodies. Most standard bikes come with flimsy plastic seats fitted with foam or other soft cushioning—this material may feel comfortable for the first few weeks, but it will soon wear down. For a truly comfortable ride, turn to our premium bicycle saddles. Our white leather bike saddles provide comfort, durability, and a custom fit that will outlast any other form of seat.

Why Choose a Selle Anatomica White Leather Bike Saddle?

The premium white leather bicycle saddles at Selle Anatomica are unique from other saddle brands you may know. Well-known bike saddle companies and brands tend to use the old-fashioned wet molding process to shape their leather saddles. We’ve developed a new, hot and dry method that uses leather and resin rather than leather and carbon. When combined with our customized heating tools, this process results in a more flexible leather top. Our method produces the same durability as wet molding, but your saddle will require far less time to break in.

The Making of White Leather Bicycle Seats

We use full-grain leather—the finest quality leather in the industry—to make our white leather bike seats. Like other companies, we’ve found that full-grain leather provides the highest-quality look, feel, durability, and shape. Traditional wet-molded, single-layer, full-grain leather saddles can take a long time to break in due to their stiffness. Since our molding process is different from that of other brands, however, the top layer of our full-grain leather is much softer to begin with. To ensure that our seats retain this softness as well as a good level of firmness, we increased the number of leather layers to include one full-grain and one top-grain, which is thinner and maintains essential tension and firmness.

Caring for Your White Leather Bicycle Saddle

Although a white saddle may seem more difficult to keep clean than a black or brown seat, it only requires a little extra elbow grease. We’ve found that simply wiping down the white saddle after every few rides is enough to keep the grime and dust away.

Just like all other leather bike saddles, white bike seats need to be waterproofed every so often. Due to the unique WaterShed finish that results from our tanning process, you’ll only need to treat the unfinished edges and the underside. Be aware that some products, such as Proofide, solvents, or other silicone solutions, could harm your saddle by over-softening the leather. We recommend using Saddle Sauce, which is available right here at Selle Anatomica, or beeswax to keep your saddle in top condition.