Selle Anatomica

For Women Only

We are often asked if we have a "Women Specific" model.  Our saddle works equally well for women and men with regard to sit bone issues.  But there is a caveat for some women with regard to the front of our slot.

Caveat - female riders sometimes find their lady parts and the front slot aren't well suited to each other.  For women, soft tissue must fit inside the edges of the front of the slot.  If this doesn't happen naturally, accommodation must be made for these women by widening the slot a bit. This is done with a sharp knife, a dremel or a large rounded file.  It also makes sense to bevel the 90 degree edges of the slot at the same time.

Call Maly at 619.269.1120 ext 107 for further discussion of this issue if you have questions or need further clarification.