Selle Anatomica

Tension Adjustments

Is my new Selle Anatomica saddle already tensioned?

As part of the manufacturing process, after we attach the frame to the leather we adjust the tension on the saddle.  So, it should arrive in your mailbox pre-tensioned to approximately the correct tension.  Weather and humidity play a big part in appropriate tension.  But, if it arrives and the tension bolt is loose, go ahead and tighten it until the narrowest part of the slot in the rear of the saddle is 6mm wide.  After adjusting the tension pass your 6mm allen key (the one you used to unscrew the bolt) through the narrowest part of the slot to see if it is appropriately tensioned.

How often should I re-tension my saddle?

Every piece of leather and every rider are a little different.  But, generally speaking the leather we are getting today requires tensioning in the first rides you will take.  So, be sure to carry a 6mm allen key with you on your ride.  If you notice a slight ridge on either side of the narrow part of the slot, that means as you ride the edges are touching.  Open the slot until your 6mm allen key passes through the narrowest part of the slot with just a small scrape as it passes through.

How do I know how tight the tension should be?

Put your hand LIGHTLY on the top of the slot – putting no pressure on the leather.  Turn the allen key counter clockwise (to the left) until you feel the leather begin to stretch.  Take a look at the narrowest part of the slot.  It should be about ¼ inch or 6mm wide. If repeated tensioning does not open the slot to the recommended width, shaving the slot open at the closest point in the rear is within the guidelines of our warranty.

Your saddle should also take on a hammocky appearance as it breaks in and becomes acclimated to your body.  Looking at it from the side, it should have a definite dip.  If it appears straight across, it’s too tight.  The narrowest part of the saddle should not be more than about ¼ inch or 6mm wide.

What happens when my leather can’t be tensioned any more, when the bolt is fully extended?

When your leather is worn out, you can send your old saddle to us for a NewSkin.