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Serial Numbers

October 08, 2015 1 Comment

Every saddle we make is marked with a serial number.  It tells us about the saddle including:

  • Leather type 
  • X or T or NSX
  • Leather color - Only since 2013
  • Frame iteration
  • Year of Manufacture

Do not remove the serial number from the bottom of the saddle, it voids the warranty.  It also helps us resolve warranty issues.

1 Response

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith

June 17, 2017

This is in regard to the instructions not to remove the serial number. I removed the serial number from the bottom of the saddle because I wanted to apply the saddle sauce thoroughly and in any case did not think this paper serial number would with stand exposure to water and mud that would inevitable get thrown on it. The Saddle Adjustment Instructions booklet does not say to not remove the number. I later read these online instructions. However, I do have the Happy Bottom Riding Club card with the serial number.

Also, the FAQ says to never apply saddle sauce to the top of the saddle. The booklet does not say that.

You might want to be consistent between the booklet and your online instructions.

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