I’ve heard your rails bend.  Is that true?

It is true that under certain circumstances the Selle Anatomica rails are prone to bending.  This is primarily due to the following:

  • Our fore/aft rail adjustment is MUCH longer than any other rail in the marketplace.
  • When riders stay seated over bumps and come down with more than 450 pounds of pressure on the seat, that pressure can bend or break our rails.

Our warranty replacements are less than 1% of our annual sales.  Although this is something written about in the popular blogs, it is not a big problem.

What are your rails made of?

Our rails are made from Chromoly 4130 Steel.

Do you warrant bent rails?

Yes, within the first 12 months after purchase we will replace a bent or broken rail set.  We do not pay for shipping however.

What can I do to make sure my rails don’t bend?

  • It is always wise to lift your weight off the saddle when going over bumps.
  • Do not use a setback seatpost with more than 20 degrees of setback
  • Never set the saddle all the way back on the rails. Leave at least ¾ inch of rail in front of the seatpost clamp.
  • Use a seatpost with a 1½ inch (38mm) or longer clamp on the rails. Small, individual attachment points at 1 inch (25mm) or less put too much pressure on our rails..

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David Thurston
David Thurston

July 04, 2016

One of the best seats I have used.Thanks for the quick turn around.Dave

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