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  • Riding Surface: Full Grain leather top with dual reinforcing laminate layers
  • Frame: Molded sheet metal steel
  • Rails: 4130 chromoly steel
  • Weight: ~515 grams
  • Weight Limit: 250 pounds
Black Gunmetal
Black Copper
Oxblood Gunmetal
Oxblood Copper
Tool Gunmetal
Tool Copper
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  • H1 offers the strongest leather saddle from Selle Anatomica paired with our strong yet affordable Series 1 Frame. The unique process used to prepare the leather in H Series creates a stiffer, more durable saddle. They are ideal for touring and long distance riding and for cyclists who prefer a stiffer riding platform, such as those coming from Brooks.

    • Full Grain Leather
    • Patented Flex-Fly Slot relieves perineal discomfort and sit bone pain
    • Hex Key Tension System
    • Industry leading fore/aft adjustability
    • Designed for cyclists who weigh between 180 and 250 pounds
    • Made in San Diego, CA, USA

Ride in Comfort

H Series: 190lbs – 250lbs

The H Series saddle is most comfortable for riders who weigh 190lbs – 250lbs, or ride more than than 50 miles a week.

Lighter rider? Try the X Series

Series 1 Frame

Chromoly Steel / 485 Grams

Our original Series 1 saddle gets it’s strength and support from its’ traditional stamped metal frame that has been upgraded with heat treated 4130 chromoly steel.

Looking for a lighter, modular frame? Upgrade to Series 2

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30-Day Guarantee

Try it for 30 days to ride in comfort.

Made in the U.S.A.

Our saddles are crafted with care in the U.S.A.

Leave discomfort in your tracks with the H1 Saddle.

*Recommended for riders who weigh between 190 – 250lbs

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