NSX2 - Next Generation Saddle

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  • Next Gen Modular Frame, including Chicago Screws
  • 420 grams
  • Stainless Steel Tubular Rails
  • Handmade in San Diego, CA

NSX2 - Next Generation Saddle

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  • For over a decade Selle Anatomica has worked to bring the world's most comfortable saddles to cyclists. In that tradition we are thrilled to announce NSX2, the Next Gen leather saddle. A radical departure from our past offering, NSX2 boasts a modular design that is stronger and lighter. More importantly, NSX2 can be disassembled and reassembled completely by hand, making it possible to replace the leather top whenever you see fit. Install a non-slotted top for a ride up the mountain or replace a worn top with a new one, without sending it to us for service. 

  • Next Gen Modular Frame

    Next Generation Modular Frame

    The true genius of X2 lies in the modular frame which can be disassembled and reassembled by hand using a commonly available hex key. We consider our leather tops a consumable, much like tires. Every 5-7 years when it comes time to replace your leather top, now you can do it yourself. No need to send your saddle to us and wait a week for your leather to be replaced. Simply order our X2 NewSkin service and a leather top will be shipped to you for at home replacement. The occasional bent rail can also be replaced at home with no need to send your saddle to us for repair. 

  • Seating Surface

    seating surface macro hero

    X2 uses the exact same WaterShed leather that made its predecessor famous. Traditional saddle leather is soaked in water, molded in a press, and then baked. This process aligns the fibers in the leather and produces a very hard riding surface that can take years to break in. Our WaterShed leather tops are a combination of premium Full Grain American leather and a second layer of top grain leather which is glued to the bottom for just the right amount of support. The shape is formed by a patented process that uses a heated press to shape the leather while it is still dry, resulting in a much more supple and pliable seating surface that shapes to your specific contours in days, not years. 

  • Stainless Steel Tubular Rails

    Stainless Steel Tubular Rails

    A first for the X Series, our new stainless steel tubular rails are both stronger and lighter than the previous design, saving 95 grams total over the previous generation X1 frame.

  • Cast Aluminum C Form

    Cast Aluminum C Form

    The new cast aluminum C-form provides structure and beauty giving the new X2 both a classic and updated modern look. It also helps to reduce the overall weight of the saddle by 95 grams compared to its predecessor.

  • Custom Machined Aluminum Chicago Screws

    Custom Machined Chicago Screws

    A commonly available hex key can unscrew the two part Chicago screws that hold the frame to the leather saving time and money on shipping costs while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Made in America
Next Gen Modular Frame
Hex Key Tension System
Industry leading fore/aft adjustability
For cyclists seeking a stiffer riding platform
Riding Surface: Full Grain leather top with reinforcing top grain laminate layer
Frame: Cast aluminum
Rails: Stainless steel tube
Weight: ~420 grams
Usage: Road OR MTB
Weight Limit: 250 pounds

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