Selle Anatomica


Does my new Selle Anatomica saddle require Waterproofing?

All leather saddles require waterproofing if they are ridden in wet, damp or humid weather.

 Does SA waterproof the saddles?

Selle Anatomica no longer applies waterproofing to our leather.  Our Saddle Sauce brand of waterproofing should be applied to the bottom and raw edges of all saddles, especially if they are going to be ridden in any damp or wet weather.  Never apply Saddle Sauce to the top of the leather, that is watershed and does not require treatment.

 How does my saddle get wet?

When you are riding in the rain, with your butt in the seat, it is primarily the bottom of the saddle that gets wet – even if you have fenders.   Why?  Because your butt is covering the top of the seat and the water splashes up from your rotating wheels onto the underside of the saddle.

 What kind of waterproofing should I use?

Saddle Sauce is an acrylic based formula that sits on top of the leather and prevents moisture from entering by creating a barrier.  It does wear off, particularly where there is frequent rubbing on the saddle and must be reapplied at periodic intervals depending upon how much you ride, and how wet your climate is.  Apply a thin layer, especially to the bottom and the raw leather edges, wipe off any excess with a soft, wet cloth and allow to dry at least 4 hours.

Do not use Proofide as it softens the leather.  Do not use any waterproofing product that contains silicone or solvents intended to "condition" the leather. 

 How often should I waterproof my saddle?

For all SA saddles, waterproof the bottom and the raw leather edges prior to riding in any kind of wet weather or if you live in a hot and humid climate. Along with your sweat, water can also be absorbed out of the air and can sometimes cause the leather to stretch if it’s very hot and humid.


What are the layers of my saddle?

A Selle Anatomica saddle has two layers – the full grain, color tanned leather on top.  On the bottom, a top grain, uncolored leather we call the laminate.  The bottom laminate and raw leather edges of all SA saddles require waterproofing.  The thickness of the laminate support layer on the bottom is the difference between the X and T Series.  The X Series is thicker than the T Series.

 Can I leave my saddle out in the weather?

If your bike must remain outside, we recommend a rain cover.  In the absence of a rain cover a shower cap or plastic grocery store bag will do just fine.  Cold weather will not damage your leather, but the saddle should not be left out uncovered in any kind of rain.