Selle Anatomica

Carbon vs. Leather: C Series and X Series Compared

We get a lot of questions about how C Series compares to leather. It really doesn't.

C Series is a tighter, less compliant, all around more energy efficient riding surface. If you've spent every last dollar making your bike lighter but your butt still hurts, C Series is for you. If you charge up hills with reckless abandon, and enjoy a stiffer riding platform with just the right amount of give to keep you comfortable that prioritizes speed and performance, C Series is for you. Almost no energy is lost due to the Flex-fly inverted wings moving under your sit bones and the Leaf Spring frame keeping your butt pinned to your bike. What energy is lost, is lost in the name of less sit bone pain and bruising. Efficiency is the goal.

X Series is a touring saddle. Conforming, compliant, supple. The goal is to get you through the next 1000 miles without pain. The goal is to get you from Alaska to South America without a second thought for your butt on day 30. Weight is not the focus. Long distance comfort is the focus.