C Series Carbon (190gms)


  • 100% carbon
  • Independent Flex-Fly movement
  • Leaf spring damping
  • 190 grams
  • 7x9mm ovular rails
  • Handmade in San Diego, CA

C Series Carbon (190gms)

  •  For a decade Selle Anatomica has worked to bring the the most comfortable saddles possible to cyclists around the world. January 2014 marked the beginning of a project that would transform the company forever. Headquartered in San Diego since 2012, Selle Anatomica was uniquely positioned to take advantage of a local industry that grew up almost entirely in this area. Serving aerospace, sporting goods, and higher education for more than 30 years, the project brought together a diverse group of carbon composites experts who helped to develop the industry itself and the technology that it uses today. The result of that project is the most advanced 100 percent carbon fiber saddle ever produced. We give you C Series. 

  • Seating Surface

    seating surface macro hero

    Three layers of aerospace grade ISO compliant carbon fiber twill crown the pinnacle of C Series. 45 degree bias cut for maximum flexibility and wrapped inward at the edges for safe and soft contact with your soft tissue. In composites they call the top ply the "money ply." C Series boasts money ply in every layer. Molded and cured using closely guarded industry secrets, the C Series seating surface is a technical achievement all on its own. 

  • Woven Carbon Fiber Leaf Spring

    leaf spring macro hero

    Function with Form

    At the core of the new C Series, is the carbon fiber leaf spring. The traditional function of a leaf spring is to control ride height and to keep a vehicle’s wheels in contact with the road. In this case, the function is very similar. The C Series leaf spring absorbs road noise and maintains contact between the rider and the seating surface to reduce the loss of efficiency and power.

    Supporting Role

    The C Series Leaf Spring is connected to the suspended seating surface at the front and rear of the saddle. This design allows the spring to function as intended while still allowing the seating surface to hammock the rider the same as it would in our traditional leather saddles.

    Layers and Angles

    Woven carbon fiber fabric comes in sheets with strands running vertically and horizontally. In most applications where strength and rigidity is required, the fibers are layed vertically and horizontally in the part. In this case, 8 layers of woven carbon fiber are cut out of the sheets on a 45 degree angle. The 45 degree angle allows the carbon to flex and spring back much more easily. Through the combination of layers and the angle at which they are cut, we have tuned the C Series Leaf Spring for just the right amount of flexibility.

  • Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Rails

    rails macro hero

    Parallel Strength

    Unidirectional carbon fiber sheets are not woven. The fibers lay parallel to each other and do not cross. Much like the rails themselves. A carbon fiber filament is strongest when loaded along its axis. Therefore, fiber orientation is critical. Especially in this load bearing structure.

    A Matter of Degrees

    In this case, three unidirectional sheets are used in the C Series rail. Two of them are cut 15 degrees off axis and then laid across each other in opposite directions. This technique gives the laminate some hoop strength so it doesn't crack when clamped in the seat post.  The third layer is sandwiched between the other two at zero degrees for ultimate strength. If all of the fibers are laid at zero degrees along the rail, the only thing holding the structure together in the transverse direction is the comparatively weak resin bond. 

    Big Adjustments

    Selle Anatomica has always been famous for rails that offer a maximum amount of adjustability to accommodate a wide range of body sizes and riding styles. In that tradition, we decided to include an industry leading 3 inches of adjustability in C Series.

Made in America
Patented Flex-Fly Slot relieves perineal discomfort and sit bone pain
Industry leading fore/aft adjustability
Designed for cyclists who weigh up to 225 pounds
Riding Surface: Dual layer, bias cut, carbon fiber weave
Frame: Patent Pending Leaf Spring frame
Rails: Unidirectional carbon fiber tube
Weight: 190 grams
Usage: Road
Weight Limit: 225 pounds

All features subject to change at any time

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