Selle Anatomica

World’s Most Comfortable Bicycle Saddles Announce a New Distribution Strategy

San Diego, CA January 21, 2015 -- Today Selle Anatomica announced a new distribution strategy for 2015. Effective February 1, 2015, saddles will be available for US wholesale to independent bike shops directly from Selle Anatomica as well as through Quality Bicycle Products. Additionally, Selle Anatomica saddles will be available for purchase to consumers through only 2 channels: and independent bike shops. Only resellers with a physical storefront presence will be allowed to sell the saddles. An updated MAP policy will prohibit advertising below MSRP and web only retailers will no longer be allowed to resell the saddles. 

“We believe that our customers deserve the best experience and support possible when purchasing our saddles. We think IBD’s and our own retail channel are the best ways to provide that experience” said Ryan Hosmer, Global Director of Retail Distribution.

“IBD’s are at the core of our business. When you invest in one of our products, you deserve the best support possible just as we want to support dealers who invest in us. You can’t get that through a third party discount website” added Fred Gonzales, Global Director of Wholesale Distribution. 

Questions should be directed to Ryan Hosmer at