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A Short Beginner's Guide to Leather Bicycle Saddles

August 02, 2019 0 Comments

leather bicycle saddle manufacturers

When you want more sit bone comfort and more style on your bike, you should look no further than leather bicycle saddles. Leather bicycle saddle manufacturers have crafted a product that's really changed the cycling game. These bicycle saddles might look old fashioned, but leather bicycle saddle manufacturers ensure comfort is the key when they build these bike seats.

But how do you go about selecting and caring for the products that leather bicycle saddle manufacturers have created? Here's a short beginner's guide for you.


Leather bicycle saddle manufacturers take an extra step to build comfortable bike seats. You simply can't compare the natural qualities of leather plastic and foam. Most bike saddles made of plastic use padding and cover. On the other hand, leather bike seats use tensioned leather, which leaves the material suspended between the nose of the seat and the back like a hammock.

The leather remains in shape because it is stiff, thick, and the manufacturers stretch it so carefully. It's also soft and makes the rider feel comfortable because there is no rigid base below it. Leather seats offer cyclists comfort in two ways. First, the leather is flexible and gives way when the rider is sitting on it. Second, with time the leather eventually takes the shape of the rider's bottom.


There are two aspects of care required when you buy leather bike seats. The first is care for you, the rider. After all, a bike seat should provide maximum comfort while you're cycling. The second aspect is caring for the bike seat. You should give your new leather bike seat a good leather conditioning treatment. In addition, you should make sure you treat your leather bike saddle with a waterproofing solution. Conditioning your leather will help the seat soften up and make the process of breaking it in a bit easier. And as for waterproofing, you don't want your bike saddle to get ruined by a bout of rain while you ride.

A new road bike saddle might be uncomfortable before it's fully broken in. But with consistent care and building up to longer-distance rides, your leather bike saddle should serve you extremely well. Leather bicycle saddle manufacturers recommend that you apply your waterproofing solution every few months and avoid getting the seat too wet.


In the 1970s, Tour de France riders preferred leather bike saddles. Many cycling tourists, club members, and other commuters also prefer leather bike seats. Therefore, leather saddles have a historical advantage over other bike saddles such as carbon fiber bike seats. The leather saddles come in various shapes and sizes ranging from the thin sports version saddles to the wide touring models.

When you choose a leather bike saddle, it is important to consider comfort and the width of the seat. It is also essential to state what you do with your bike. If you are a racer, you should choose racing leather saddles, and if you are a tourist, you should choose wide bike leather saddles.

And there you have it! A quick beginner's guide on leather bicycle saddles. Hopefully, these tips will leave you more knowledgeable and ready to select and care for your leather bike seat.