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Bicycles and The Lasting Route to Popularity

Bicycles and The Lasting Route to Popularity

We’ve all seen illustrations of bicycles built for two from days of old. But have you ever really wondered about the evolution of the bicycle? Where did it originate? And how has it changed through the years? Here are some facts about the bicycle that you might find interesting. 

1. History 
The first two wheel bike was invented in 1817 by Baron von Drais. Interestingly, unlike the comfortable bike seats of today, there was actually no bike seat, or saddle, on that model! No leather road bike seat, no vintage bike seat, and no touring bike saddles were anywhere to be found. They had not been invented yet! However, about 40 years later, in 1858, pedals were added to the front wheel of this invention. This resulted in the creation of the Velocipede. 
2. Engineering 
There are many different models of bicycles. And the design of the models has changed over the years. In 1884, the Rover safety bicycle was invented. And in the 1890s and engine was added to a bike, creating, in essence, the modern day motorcycle! 
3. Popular Appeal and Fun 
As time progressed, the bicycle continued to be consistently popular among individuals young and old. It seemed that everyone enjoyed riding bicycles. This led to one of the most important features of the bicycle, which is still true even today: the development of different types of comfortable bike seats. Among the most popular types of seats are touring bike saddles. Touring bikes are made for rides where individuals enjoy the scenery, so it’s especially important that touring bike saddles be comfortable for rides that are longer in duration. There are also other types of saddles such as a cushioned saddle, a mountain saddle, and even a cutaway saddle which has a modern, attractive design. All are designed for specific types of bicycle riding. 

Clearly, people love the freedom and fun of bicycle riding. In fact, in the United States alone, the bicycle industry had a 2015 direct sales total of $6.2 billion. And with everyone becoming more aware of how to stay physically fit, bicycle riding is a sensational option. In addition, with the growing awareness of how to be eco-conscious, bicycle riding has also become a very popular means of transportation with many commuters using bicycles to go back-and-forth to work. Combining geometry, engineering, practicality, along with a love of nature, bicycle riding seems to be one of the world’s most popular pastimes.