Selle Anatomica

Prostate Issues Solved



I wanted to thank you first for a wonderful purchasing experience, you have been very very helpful, but also for offering a saddle that has been the answer to prayer. Approximately 20 years ago, my doctor took me off of my bike due to prostrate problems coming from riding 200-300 miles a week on a hard saddle. Since then, I've been away from cycling, but have missed it dearly. I finally took steps to get back on two wheels by ordering a recumbent, which I've been riding for approximately four years, but something was missing. The saddle was comfortable, yes, and I haven't had a recurrence of prostate problems, but I really suffer on hills because recumbent riders can't honk out of the saddle. Your saddle offers me hope to finally be able to get back to riding mixed terrain. If only I'd have known about you 20 years ago! I'm grateful for you doing the work to develop a saddle that provides support without discomfort, and I'm grateful to the gentleman who showed me your saddle for the first time last Sunday. I look forward to many future miles, and will give you feedback on how well it goes.

All my best,