Uncomfortable Bicycle Seat? Here's a Solution

April 12, 2019 0 Comments

Uncomfortable Bicycle Seat? Here's a Solution

Many people have a plethora of reasons for not getting back onto their bicycle. Many of these reasons have to do with pain related to the bicycle seat. Many bicycle seats on the market are not designed properly for everybody. For example, the leather bicycle saddles made by Brooks England require "Breaking in", which means one must ride on an uncomfortable (possibly painful) seat for many miles before the leather breaks in and is soft enough to be comfortable. You may even have to spend a lot of money on softening products, not to mention all the time that you will spend uncomfortable on your bike before you can enjoy it. Many people would even give up on riding because they cannot handle all the pain. 

The Advantages of Riding a Bicycle

People who quit riding a bicycle for any reason is a shame for many reasons, one of which is health. According to the British Medical Association, people who cycle 20 miles a week had a 50% less chance to develop coronary heart disease. Another advantage of riding bicycles is money. Around the United States throughout the last 14 years, there has been a 46% increase in bicycle commuters. People who give that up because of pain or any other reason are essentially wasting their money by letting their bicycle sit around, as there was $6.2 billion spent on bicycles in the United States in 2015 alone. Bicycles save money on fuel costs, as the only fuel is the body itself.

Pain Reducing Seats

There are specialized companies that make bicycle saddles to serve this specific purpose, that is, to reduce pain. Leather bike seats made by companies such as Selle Anatomica are specially made to not have to be "broken in" like competitors' seats. They have a layer of ultra soft leather topped by another layer of stiffer leather to create the perfect balance. If you have trouble with a bicycle saddle that is uncomfortable for you, it could do you good to contact our team. We specialize in fitting custom bicycle seats to your needs. The money needed to buy any of the types of comfortable bike seats pales in comparison to the cost of not riding at all.