Comfy Carbon with Leaf Spring Damping Crowdfund

The Campaign Has Concluded

The campaign was wildly successful and we have you to thank for that. Thank you for supporting us and pushing your friends to support us too! Backers will receive their saddles in January. Pre-Orders are open now and will ship once all Backer orders are filled.

Project Goals

Backers: 150
Pledging: $30,000

    If our stated goals are not met, your pledge will be refunded in full.


    We’re teaming with local aerospace and carbon composite experts from private industry and the University of California San Diego. Our goal is to make the world’s first truly comfortable ultra lightweight saddle. For $199, support our project and be the first to own a limited edition of the world's first truly comfortable ultra lightweight saddle with leaf spring damping. Your contribution will support research into an industry first comfort algorithm so that we can translate the benefits of leather to carbon. It will also support mold design and machining, and the purchase of parts and equipment necessary for production. Most importantly, your contribution supports American industry and will directly create jobs.
    If you'd like to contribute engineering or design expertise, do get in touch.

    Backer's saddles will ship in time for Interbike in September. Production models will ship January 2016.

    Real Time

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